Aster amellus 'Veilchenkoningin'or 'Violet Queen' has smaller flowers but they are of a rich deep purple on a short plant growing 40cm tall, looks good at the front of the border in contrast with paler flowered Asters such as Monch.


Aster amellus 'Veilchenkoningin'

  • Aster amellus, A. thomsonii and their hybrid A. x frikartii are a relatively trouble free group of Asters. They form neat mounding plants which need minimal support, bloom over a long period with an abundance of flowers and most importantly they don't suffer with mildew like many other Asters. Aster amellus or Italian starwort is native to mainland Europe and A.thomsonii comes from the Himalayas. They are all hardy in UK gardens and require little winter protection. 


    These Asters are relatively drought resistant but, they will require some watering during the hotter months. It is a good idea when planting to incorporate grit into the planting hole so that they have sharp drainage through the winter. Spent mushroom compost can also be added as Asters prefer alkaline soils.. Finally a good feed during the summer is also beneficial as you will be rewarded with domes of vivid flowers.


    Supplied as a 9cm pot ready for planting out.



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