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Suppled as year old seed raised plants growing in 9cm pots, will flower next year.
A very nice species canna, probably a form of C. indica. relatively short canna with long narrow leaves and bit like Heliconia, topped with Red and yellow flowers.
Height: 50-100cm. Will need to be stored as a rhizome over the winter.
Best grown in a multi purpose compost or fertile soil and fed regularly to promote growth. Make sure that cannas get plenty of water to maintain luxurious growth.

Canna limbata

  • Cannas are brilliant exotic plants grown for both their flowers and foliage. I treat them as tender plants and store them at about five degrees centigrade for the winter. However I am hearing more and more people are successfully leaving them out for the winter but I guess it depends on the microclimate. The following should be noted regarding their maintenance and appearance:


    • Grow in a moist fertile soil either in pots or in the ground.
    • Water regularly and feed every couple of weeks when in active growth.
    • If growing in a conservatory or heated greenhouse plants will remain evergreen throughout the year and can flower all year round
    • If growing outside it is best to plant deep and add a layer of mulch during the winter to protect the roots.
    • If you are going to bring them in store at 5 degrees centigrade and dont allow to dry out completly.
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