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I have a very limited supply of my own hybrids for sale which I have been creating for the last twenty years. They are all hand pollinated crosses between the best parent plants in my collection in the hope of creating something new and different. I then select the most interesting plants from each batch to propagate by division. This is a very slow process but the result are plants which are quite unique and exclusive to our nursery. The hybrid for sale is the plant in the picture.




Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia Hybrid S. x wrigleyana

  • These are bog plants mainly from America, they are fully hardy and easy to grow. They can be grown either as houseplants, in a greenhouse, or outside, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines:
    • Only grow in moss peat (general purpose compost contains feed which will quickly kill carnivorous plants).
    • Do not feed with anything (they feed themselves).
    • Keep the peat constantly moist by standing the pot in a tray of rainwater and never allow to dry out. Do not use tap water.
    • Many carnivorous plants need to become dormant and have a resting period during winter. It is best to leave them in a cold greenhouse over the winter. Remove any dead foliage, plants will regrow and flower the following Spring..
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