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A really wonderful hardy bulb from South Africa which seems to have been forgotten about. It produces bright red flowers on 50cm tall stems in late summer. Legend has it that a Dutch ship carrying bulbs was wrecked off the coast of Scarborough and hence the name. It wasn't uncommon for a ship in this state to be looted, but I like to think that some kind hearted locals saved the bulbs and grew them in their gardens doing the required hardiness trials and at the same time making their gardens look really pretty.

Cyrthanthus elatus - Scarborough lily 3 x bulbs

  • Scarborough lilies can be grown outside in either full sun or part shade either in the ground or in pots. If growing in the ground choose a sheltered position and incorporate grit when planting to improve the drainage. If growing in pots, which is probably best, grow in a good multipurpose compost and water regularly. Scarborough Lilies will also benefit from regular liquid feeds during the growing season.


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