Unusual flowered dahlia, similiar to Honka but pale pink with a darker edge.


Dahlia 'Honka Fragile'

  • Dahlias have very complicated genetics which is why they are so variable. There are as many as 60,000 different cultivars worldwide. Having tremendous variation in size, shape, colour and form. Dahlias can be used in many different ways in the garden.
    Grow in full sun or part shade in a  well drained yet water retentive soil. Incorporate lots of organic matter when planting to improve the fertility and structure of the soil. Feed regularly during the growing season and don't forget to provide support for the taller and larger flowered varieties. Regular deadheading will encourage more flower growth.
    In the good old days, when people wore a shirt and tie to do the gardening, Dahlias were lifted after the first frost and stored, in sawdust, in a frost free place until spring. They would then be started off in a glasshouse before being planted out. You can still do this, but the current thinking is provided you plant the tubers deep so they don't freeze, and, in a soil that doesn't get waterlogged, they can be left in the ground over winter. 
    Supplied from May onwards as large plugs.






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