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This is a really attractive group of succulents which can be used to make beautiful displays both inside and out. Echeverias and their hybrids not only have wounderful symmetrical forms but they come in a wide range of colours including pinks, reds and blues.







Echeveria glauca

  • Echeverias are drought tolerant plants and will survive for quite some time without water. You don't need to rush out and water them every five minutes but, the more you water the bigger and more luxuriant growth you will get. A general liquid feed a couple of times during active growth is also benificial.


    All of our plants are grown in multi purpose compost and allowed to dry out between watering, alternativly they can be potted into a free draining soil based compost.


    Echeverias require a little protection over the winter. All our Echeverias are grown in unheated polytunnels with minimal watering during the colder months and they easily make it through the winter.  Alternatlivly if you live in a colder area or just want to enjoy them through the winter they will be more than happy on a sunny windowsill.


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