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Good old Eucomis bicolor, the first species of Eucomis I every grew and the one most people will recognise as a pineapple lily. These seeds have been collected from about twenty different variants of Eucomis bicolor including white forms, plain and speckled leaf forms.


These can be sown on a windowsill over the winter to give a head start or sown under glass in the spring. Germination should occur in two to three weeks.


Eucomis bicolor Mix - Pack of ten fresh Seeds

  • Eucomis or Pineapple lilies are hardy perennial bulbs from Southern Africa. They are very easy to grow and will flower every year requiring little feed and watering. Eucomis will grow quite happily in full sun in the ground or in pots. Eucomis grow well in pots as they don't like winter wet. If planting in the ground choose a dry spot such as under a wall or incorporate lots of grit when you plant.


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