Exotic Ginger Rhizome, very easy to grow and flower. Height: up to 200cm. Best grown in a multi purpose compost or fertile soil and fed regularly to promote growth. The stems are glaucous in appearance with blue green leaves.  Flowers July-October.  the vivid orange flowers are highly fragrant. Make sure that hedychiums get plenty of water to maintain luxurious growth. Easy, hardy and rewarding plants to grow. Hedychium 'Tara' was collected as a seed in 1972 b Tony Schilling at 2280m from the Nagot ridge on the eastern edge the Kathmandu valley.

Hedychium 'Tara' rhizome

  • Hedychiums are relatives of the root ginger which come form Asia. They are marvellous plants noted for their luxuriant foliage and fantastic tropical flowers. They make excellent conservatory plants and many are root hardy down to at least -10C. The following should be noted regarding their maintenance and appearance:


    • Grow in a moist fertile soil either in pots or in the ground.
    • Water regularly and feed every couple of weeks when in active growth.
    • If growing in a conservatory or heated greenhouse plants will remain evergreen throughout the year and will flower earlier than those grown outside.
    • If growing outside it is best to plant deep and add a layer of mulch during the winter to protect the roots.
    • The first frosts will kill off most of the foliage.
      New growth will re-emerge from the roots in spring.

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