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One of our own seedlings. Raising salvias from seed is not that easy and often they look just like the parent plants but occasionally one stands out so it well worth a go. Panache Purple has proved very popular at plant fairs this year, it's very simply a nice shade of purple with a white centre which works so well.

Salvia x Panache Purple

  • Best grown in full sun.  Sharp drainage is essential and can be achieved by either growing them in pots or incorporating grit into the soil when planting. Regular applications of a  balanced feed is benificial during the growing season. These salvias have a very long flowering season but respond well to cutting back hard when the flower stems get a little long and tired. We cut plants back hard at the begining of August, give them a good feed and go off on holiday. By September they are reinvigorated and back in flower. Prune again in spring after the danger of frosts have passed.

    Supplied in a 9cm pot.


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