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I’m not sure if it was the extreme weather conditions of 2022 or just good luck but, for the first time in about Twenty years our Tetrapanax papyrifer “Rex” has set seed. We did some test sowings about three weeks ago and much to my surprise the seeds are germinating really well. 


If your not familiar with Tetrapanax, these are the original “Big Leafy Monsters” like a giant version of Fatsia japonica with leaves 1m across and fully hardy in our climate. Our “Rex” came from Mulu Nursery about twenty years ago, they were the nursery who named it for its size and hardiness and helped kick start my love of exotic plants. 


Tetrapanax seed needs to be really fresh in order to germinate, so we will only have it on sale for a short time. We are surface sowing the seed on John Innes seed compost and putting it in a propagator with some bottom heat, germination occurs in 21 days. This is a rare opportunity to raise Tetrapanax from seed and who knows you might find your own cultivar.


Tetrapanax papyrifer “Rex” 30 fresh seeds.



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